What is the difference between alkaline, a carbon zinc and nickel metal hydride battery?

1.5V alkaline and carbon zinc batteries cannot be recharged while a 1.2V nickel metal hydride battery is rechargeable.

Can I use one type of battery for all types of devices?

For optimal battery performance on your devices, please use the type if batteries which we recommend. Alternatively, please refer to the operating manuals of your devices

What type of NI-MH batteries can I charge using a Sony’s Battery Charger?

Only Sony’s rechargeable NI-MH, AA and AAA-size batteries are compatible with a Sony’s Battery Charger

How many times can I recharge my Sony’s NI-MH rechargeable battery?

Under ISO standard conditions, Sony’s NI-MH rechargeable batteries can be charged 1000 times for Cycle Energy Blue and about 500 times for Cycle Energy Green. This is dependent on operating conditions and specification of devices.

Do Sony’s NI-MH rechargeable batteries carry an expiry date?

Sony’s NI-MH rechargeable batteries do not carry a use-by-date. And they can be charged repeatedly under ISO standard conditions, depending on operating conditions and specifications of respective devices. Even if taking account of long term deterioration of materials inside NI-MH Batteries, you can use around 10yrs which may vary depending on the number of charge/discharge and conditions of storage and usage.

My Sony’s NI-MH rechargeable battery turns hot after charging, can it be used immediately?

It is common for NI-MH batteries to turn hot during the charging process. Use caution when handling.

What is Memory Effect of a rechargeable battery?

It is the temporary voltage depletion caused by charging and discharging the battery without it first being fully discharged, thus resulting in the poor performance of your battery. On the other hand, you may not even experience Memory effect with Cycle Energy Blue because it is improved to minimize this effect.

What are the safety features available on a Sony’s Battery Charger?

a. Safety timer – A timer which terminates the charging process within a certain time period in order to avoid over charging. Besides, it can contribute to maintain the whole battery life better than the charging without the safety timer. This feature is available in all Sony’s Battery Chargers.

b. Primary Battery Detection – Charging will not occur if non rechargeable batteries are inserted into a Sony’s Battery charger. This feature is available in all Sony’s battery Chargers.

c. Temparature Monitoring Function – If the battery temperature becomes too high during the charging process, the current will be cut off to allow the battery to cool down. This feature is available in Sony’s Super Quick Charger

Can I use my Sony’s Battery Charger when I am travelling?

Selected range of Sony’s Super Quick and the full range of Power Chargers can be used anywhere in the world (100V to 240V). Please use an AC Adaptor that is applicable for the country that you are in.

What is the recommended range of temperature to use NI-MH batteries best?

For charging: 0 degree C to 30 degree C; For the usage of NI-MH batteries: -5 degree C – 50 degree C; For the storage of NI-MH batteries: -20 degree C – 30 degree C.